Castle War

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The Castle War is a daily event set on the Titan game world. Set in Ben Qarassih, the war begins every day at 21:00 UTC (Convert to local timezone). Players fight in teams to raid and gain control of the Ben Qarassih castle.

Entering the war

Teams must form a party of 2 to 5 players of level 200 or above and make their way to the Castle Portal located near the Ben Qarassih boat. Players are teleported into a random location within the castle Protection Zone.

The Castle War portal is located outside the Ben Qarassih boat.

Facing Malum Est

Malum Est has a 10% chance of spawning at the beginning of each Castle War. Teams must band together to slay the beast before the war itself begins.

Players who inflict enough damage on Malum Est get exclusive access to loot the Treasure Room accessible through the upstairs portal (pictured).

Do you have what it takes to face Malum Est and loot his treasure?

Raiding the castle

Once the war begins teams must inflict as much damage on the Castle Flag as possible. The castle flag teleports randomly within the castle area every minute. The leading team with most damage to the flag is broadcasted during the war. The winner is declared after 15 minutes.

Inflict as much damage as possible to the flag.

Winning the war

The winning team plunders the castle for random loot and receives a crown visible above their name until the next Castle War.

Winners get to show off the king's crown for 24 hours.