Curious Goblin

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Curious Goblin

Curious Goblin.png

Health 500
Experience 500
Defense 1-4
Damage 45-85

The Curious Goblin may spawn after gathering certain herbs.


Item Amount
Gold pieces.png gold pieces 1-100
Gold bars.png gold bars 1-100
Sugar beet.png sugar beet 1-100
Celery.png celery 1-100
Flower of warg chamomile.png flower of warg chamomile 1-100
Four-leaf clover.png four-leaf clover 1-100
Desert flower.png desert flower 1-100
Flask of life steal.png flask of life steal 1-4
Flask of magic defense.png flask of magic defense 1-4
Shot of luck.png shot of luck 1-2
Flask of expertise.png flask of expertise 1-2
Goblin treasure map.png goblin treasure map 1
Mysterious Goblin Orb.png Mysterious Goblin Orb 1