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Herbs can be gathered in gathering spots for consumption and use as brewing ingredients.


See Herbs for an overview of brewing ingredients.

Item Gathering Level Used for
Carrot.png Carrot 1 Food
Four-leaf clover.png Four-leaf clover 1 Brewing
Sugar beet.png Sugar beet 10 Brewing
Flower of warg chamomile.png flower of warg chamomile 20 Brewing
Desert flower.png Desert flower 20 Brewing
Celery.png Celery 20 Brewing
Elvish onion.png Elvish onion 25 Brewing
Dragon egg.png dragon egg 30 Quests
Flower of dragon chicory.png flower of dragon chicory 30 Brewing
Orknie celery.png Orknie celery 40 Brewing
Volcanic horseradish.png volcanic horseradish 45 Brewing

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